Right People Management Consultancy Pvt Ltd. (RPMC).

Right People Management Consultancy Pvt Ltd. (RPMC). is an IT planning, Implementation, Infrastructure & consulting service firm, that works in different verticals and helps its clients to enable themselves to get their work done more efficiently through fine-tuning the technologies & processes implemented in their organization.

We are committed to working with companies to understand how they conduct business and identifying the key areas of their operations that will benefit from the use of technology. Our senior management and engineers draw from a wealth of knowledge and experience to recognize new and existing technologies that will help streamline and mobilize your business. By knowing the current trends within IT & telecommunications, we can provide solutions that address your business needs and provide longevity in a rapidly changing industry.

Continuing the good works of the corporate world we have started a new unit GATETAK to provide service of repair and maintenance of home appliance and electronics. Our trained service persons experienced and equipped to handle any kind of issues.